The USPA Reimbursable Clinic program supports USPA Clubs interested in hosting their own clinic. These clinics are conducted and planned by the host USPA Club. To start things off, the club chooses a USPA Eligible Clinician and works with the clinician to set a date. Once the clinic is scheduled and clinician confirmed, the USPA Club simply fills out the application for reimbursement of a clinic. Pending approval, the clubs then work directly with the clinician to plan out the details and conduct the specially designed clinic.

The USPA will reimburse all pre-approved clinic-related costs and provide any other assistance we can to help in the process. These clinics also provide a fantastic opportunity for local instructors to team-teach with the USPA Clinician and may be helpful in the CPI process.

Please see these four easy steps to get your clinic underway!

Steps to Hosting a Reimbursable Clinic

Step 1: Choose your instructor Below you can find a link to a list of eligible instructors for the Reimbursable Clinic Program. Reach out to the instructor of your choice, discuss your needs with them and set a date for your event. Instructors may not be employed by the polo club.

Step 2: Complete the application for funding Clinic reimbursements are limited to one clinic per year per USPA club with a limit of $2500. Clinician rate up to $550/day. As soon as your request for funding has been approved you will be notified. If for some reason your clinic was not approved, you will be notified as to why the clinic is not eligible for funding at which time you may adjust your clinic plans accordingly and resubmit a request for funding.

The deadline for all Reimbursable Clinic applications is July 30th, 2017

**Clinics meeting required criteria will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. The USPA will award funding for a maximum of 30 clinics per year.**

Step 3: Plan and Host your Event Work one on one with your instructor to create a clinic format that meets the needs of your players. The host club will be responsible for handling registration and promoting their clinic to their members and potential new players.

Step 4: Payment & Reimbursement – It is the host club’s responsibility to promptly provide payment to the instructor. Upon completion of the event, the host club will submit a USPA PDLLC Invoice form located below to outlining the expenses for reimbursement along with receipts.


USPA will reimburse up to 30 Clinics per year with up to $2500 in reimbursement per clinic.
Clubs are limited to one Reimbursable Clinic per year and all funding is awarded on a first come-first serve basis.
The application to host a USPA Reimbursable clinic is open to all USPA Clubs in “good standing.”
The application deadline is July 30th, 2017.